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It’s different when you talk about immigration in the abstract… It’s very different when you sit in front of a family, and [undocumented] children who grew up in this country, and who go to the same school you once went to… They thought if we only enforce the law, people will self-deport… It’s not going to happen. The solution is not the status quo, or deportation when you’re talking about breaking up families.

Mike Coffman
Republican Representative from Colorado

Photography by Anne Muller

I am a 40 year old woman. I have two daughters and I live with my partner. My concern about our new president is that I don’t have a legal situation in this country and I am afraid to be deported, because I don’t want to leave my girls alone.

I am sad because the elected president is talking about sending back all undocumented. He will be the president of the most powerful country in the world. He is a public person with a lot of power and he is influencing racism not just in the states but worldwide.

I am a Latina, a woman, wife, mother, daughter and friend and I feel sad, concerned and afraid because of the political situation at this moment. We are an honest, hard working Latino community. We came to this great country to work hard and cover our needs. It frightens us that the community will not accept us.

Believe me, we are very thankful for all the support we already receive and we hope to continue having it. Let us be part of the community to work hard and build a better community with you.

With the decision about the elected president, I been feeling very worried because I have two daughters, one is 18 years old and the other is 11. The older one is not an American citizen, she is under the DACA program. She has a lot of dreams and it will be so painful for her and for me as a mom to not see her dreams come true.

She is a very intelligent and even though out all she has been through at her young age, she does not stop. She is a very positive person and with a great heart. My biggest concern is her future.

I am a Mexican immigrant.  When I heard that Donald Trump was going to become president, I was shocked and fearful not only because he said that he was going to deport us all but also because he was going to try and set this country back at least 30 years.

I hope as a community we can come together not only for the immigrants but also for the good of the community as a whole.

I feel really stressed and insecure.

I don’t know what to do.  I think that I should go back to Mexico before he starts with deportations but that makes me feel bad.  My country has a lot of violence.  I don’t want that for my kids.  The economy is also very bad there too. So I feel confused.  My children were born in the United States.

I am thirteen years old.  I was born here. This is how I feel: Donald Trump has said that he will kick out all immigrants from the United States. I was born here but my mom wasn’t. She is an immigrant. If he does what he says my mom will have to leave and I will probably have to go with her.

Mexico is beautiful but we don’t have the same opportunities that we have here. I want to have a career, to be someone important in life and not struggle the way my parents have.  I want to earn my living.

I find it sad and scary to think what many of the families in Jackson are struggling with at this time.  The Latinos that moved to this country came here to better their lives and their families’ lives.  Like our ancestors that came here many years ago, they felt the need to improve their lives.  Jackson would have a difficult time surviving without our Latino community.  We can only hope and pray that Donald Trump will renege on this promise like he has already done with many of his other promises.

My concern for the president elect, Donald trump, is that as he takes the position he will do everything he has said, especially about the Latino community. I am also worried about my daughter’s future with this president because of his temperament. God bless us.

We are very anxious about what is going to happen with our future but mainly our daughter’s future. With the new president elect, we don’t know what can happen. There will be changes and it makes us feel so afraid because our stability and our presence is been threatened in this country.

The Latino community, immigrants, and our resident children need support from the community and from our families, so they can promote an educational and integral wellbeing.

As a Hispanic Community we represent an important percentage in this town. We are so afraid.

When I heard about the DACA program and I heard I could apply, I saw it as a great opportunity to do a lot of new things in this country. With these new changes that the new president is talking about, my hopes and dreams for everyone are breaking down. The sadness I feel is to see children having problems with other children because they were not born here. What they don’t know it is that it is not our fault, our parents brought us here when we were little. Our only hope is to see this new president change his attitude because we are not criminals, we are dreamers and hard working people and we also want a better country for everyone.