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Faces of Eviction

A large affordable housing complex in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is evicting it’s residents so that the apartments may be remodeled for a higher market. Available and affordable housing is scarce. Rents are high and wages are low. More and more the workforce is being displaced. It is devastating for the people involved in this mass eviction. There is no place to go.

Photos by Anne Muller

Maribel and Martin

Martin has worked at a brewery for the last 8 years.  Maribel has worked at a laundry for 7 months. They have 2 children, 10 and 14 years old.

This family has lived in Jackson for 13 years.

“What we would like to let people know is that the town of Jackson is beautiful but there is not housing to live in. it is especially hard to find housing if we have children. Rent is high and our children are very sad because they don’t want to give their dog away in adoption and the saddest thing is that they don’t know what is going to happen.”


Juan has lived in Jackson for 6 years.

“I feel sad because I’m single dad, I have 2 children living with me and now we will not have a place to live. So far things have been good in the apartment where we have been living up to this date.”


Elia has lived in Jackson for 16 years.

“I work for a group of restaurants companies and prepare the desserts. Today I feel sad and confused because I have nowhere to live. Now I live in a hotel and pay every week but cannot find an apartment. I’m on the waiting list in lots of places and I ask God for a miracle and that’s my situation. I’ll have surgery soon and I have nowhere to go. This is my situation.”


Latino Resource Center

“When I came to Jackson my first impression was of living in a motel room because that was the only housing available. The longer I am here the problem has become less mine and more that of others.”


Student, 11 years old
Ventura was born in Jackson.

“I find it funny that some wealthy people have empty houses while many other families barely have a place to live. I am not ashamed to be a part of a poor family because, as my mom says, “we are rich in values.” I have the best family ever but I am still worried about not finding a home.”


Student, 15 years old
Emely has lived in Jackson for 9 years.

“I feel worried and scared most of the time. This is a big transition. I never thought this could happen. It never even came into my mind.”


Restaurant Cleaner
Francisca has lived in Jackson for 9 years.

“I feel stressed, worried and vulnerable about where I will live with my children. I do not have transportation to drive my children from out of town.”


Student, 13 yrs old
Eliot has lived in Jackson for 9 years.

“My feeling before learning of the eviction was happiness. Since the news came that we only had a little time to move I have been sad and afraid because they are kicking us out.”


Landscape Work
Emilio has lived with his family of 4 in Jackson for 9 years.

“I am worried about what is happening now. They are evicting us and we cannot find another place to live. My worry is for my children and their school and their activities that are routine for them throughout the year. I do not want to break their routine to move to another town.”