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The Awareness Project Art Exhibition

An exhibition of art by Jackson Hole’s finest artists
As well as the work of well known artists from beyond the state of Wyoming
October 26 – December 7, 2016
Teton County Library, Jackson Hole, WY

Know Me Through My Voice
Poems from The Awareness Project

In the coming months, The Awareness Project will provide a series of opportunities for interested individuals and families to write and share original poems about their experience of our community. Our goal is to put art-making and awareness-raising into the hands and voices of all kinds of people in our community. We want to create a space for sharing the aspects of life in Jackson Hole that we don’t always see and hear. Through poetry, we hope to generate awareness and dialogue about the difficulties and challenges, as well as the triumphs and opportunities, people find in this special place we all call home.

Know Me Through My Voice consists of three stages:

  1. Guidelines for writing poems. Both through this website and through person connections with local writers, community member will have access to guidelines for poetry writing about personal experience. Even if you have never written a poem in your life, these guidelines will help you share your story in poetry.
  2. Gatherings for revising poems. We will host a series of poetry workshops in which community member may bring their original poems to share in a supportive environment. Local writers will guide new poets in the art of revision. These workshops will help people revise and refine their poems to share with a larger audience.
  3. Events for sharing poems. We will organize a series of poetry readings to give our emerging poets the opportunity to share their work with the larger community. Readings may be more traditional, sit-down affairs, or they make take place spontaneously in unexpected public locations.

Poetry may seem like a distant, refined art form but it can also be a vibrant tool for sharing personal experience. Poetry can give us a unique window into the lives and voices of the people who write it. We hope folks will dive in, try to write, and listen closely to the work of peers whose voices we might rarely hear.